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Manuka Honey’s 8 Health Benefits

Manuka Honey is world-famous and are in great demand not just for its wonderful taste but for its multiple health benefits that people will get. Here are the top 8 health benefits offered by Manuka honey which consists of more nutrients and a high scope of anti-microbial properties. The scope of the Manuka plant is so vast that even after years of its discovery, its full potential is still been studied and researched by analysing the research works made on Manuka honey and the works that their producers have made.

Cures Burns, Ulcers and Wounds :

Manuka honey has the capacity to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidantal characteristics on the wounded part which reduces the inflammation and irritation. Even for venous ulcers, it makes a cut to it and helps one reduce it too. This is the most common health benefits of Manuka honey and its products.

Wounds are healed not by magic but through a scientific procedure where the Manuka honey, whose pH value ranges from 3.2 to 4.5 is said to be acidic in nature. This acidity of the Manuka honey enables it to mix more oxygen to the blood which fastens the healing of the wound.

Another method through which it heals wounds is through the presence of some great bacterial pathogens like MRSA which are inhibited by the Manuka honey products. This presence of problematic bacteria stops new bacteria to grow, especially bacteria like Staphylococcus and Streptococcus which in turn cures the wounds and scars.

Wounds are easily healed when exposed to an acidic environment. As Manuka honey is acidic in nature, it does provide the necessary acidic environment to fight these scars, burns and wounds.

Apart from this, even Swelling can be cured by the natural step that occurs within Manuka honey/ the step involves the process through which the sugar element which naturally present in Manuka honey products helps in extracting the extra water from the swelled part or from the damaged tissues. This process is called as Osmosis which cures swelling and is also the reason for the lymph nodes to get activated. Now as the sugar element extracts all he water from the affected area, the area becomes dry, thereby it becomes an unsuitable place for the bacteria to multiply. Thus, wounds, swelling and other scars are cured by Manuka honey. Even boils are cured through the consumption or usage of Manuka honey.

The Procedure to Apply Manuka Honey to the Wounds :

  • Before treating any affected areas, make sure your hands are clean and do use cotton tips and a sterile gauze for protection and safety.
  • Take a dressing and spread the Manuka honey all over it. Once it is neatly spread, place the dressing slowly and gently on the wound or the affected area. This is vital to avoid any sticky period with honey. Products like ‘MediHoney’ can be used as a readymade honey dressing for your wounds as these are convenient and are working very fast. You can get these products in the market now.

Digestive Problems : 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS] is one of the major digestive problems that deals with issues in the lower intestine. Around 8-28% of people are affected by IBS. The symptoms for IBS include abdominal pain, there’ll be a change in the stool formation and the bowel movement’s frequency will be affected. The cause for IBS are numerous starting from following a poor diet, lack of sleep, stress and even there’s a change in the gut bacteria, IBS can affect you. However, the cause of IBS to each person will vary which makes it harder to find a general cure.

These many years researches and other professionals have been testing Manuka honey to see if it can cure IBS-D [diarrhoea] and the results have all mostly been successful only. It is all identified that Manuka honey not only cured IBS-D but also reduces its symptoms, rumbling of stomachs, the strange voices that come from an empty stomach and has also helped one in their digestion. If Manuka honey is used for a month continuously, as prescribed, then IBS will no longer be in your body to trouble you.

Other studies have also shown that the lipid peroxidation are all restored and are safeguarded against any of the future colon irritation when Manuka honey is used. When these Manuka honey products are used correctly, it can surely decrease or totally destroy the colon inflammation that takes place in groups for treating IBS and IBD [Irritable Bowel Disease].

Cancer Gets Killed : 

Manuka honey is very rich in its health benefits as it has the ability to decrease the size of the tumour due to the presence of high grade antimicrobial properties, which also leads to the increase in the mutation of cell-deaths and also prevents the cells with cancer from spreading. People who took Manuka honey did survive cancer and are now living their lives. Through this study it is clear the Manuka honey when administered intravenously, leads to the restriction of cancerous cells. Even the UMF 15+ and above all have some antibacterial activity already programmed to it. With these proofs, we can state that Manuka honey can be used to cure cancer as well.

ACENE and ECZEMA Reduced : 

Acne is a medical problem dealt by both young and old maybe in unequal proportions. However the causes for Acne are: i) hormonal imbalance and ii) sensitivity towards food. In order to curb Acne you need top first change your diet to more healthy and a consistent one. The diet can include Manuka honey as it might help you cure Acne through its antibacterial enzymes. As the typical UMF certified Manuka honey consists of MGO, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and hydrogen peroxide, Manuka honey can easily kill those bacteria which affects your body. It is to be noted that after a thorough research, scientists have proved that even when Manuka honey is diluted in water, it will still be able to cure infections and fight diseases. Due to tis anti-inflammatory characters, the inflammation along with acne will be reduced.

Steps Involved in Fighting ACNE with Manuka Honey

  • First you need to clean your face for which you can actually take some water in order to get a drop of Manuka honey diluted with it. Once it’s diluted properly, you need to make sure that the mixture has touched all the areas of your face. Now before washing it off, give yourself a small massage on your face for a minute and then clean it and make sure to dry it.
  • Another step to cure Acne through Manuka honey is by preparing a face-mask by mixing oats and lemon juice with Manuka honey. Once the mask is ready, paste it on your face and leave it undisturbed for around 10 minutes and then feel the change.
  • The last method to cure acne with Manuka honey is by giving a spot treatment. Spot treatment refers to the treatment made on the infection spot itself. If in case you have a pimple on your face, take this Manuka honey and apply in the pimple. Wait patiently till Manuka honey plays its game and cures it.

Prevention of Gastric Ulcers : 

The main cause of stomach ulcer is a very bad diet, stress, lack of sleep and many more that comes out from our bad lifestyle. Ulcer is caused by a bacteria called H. pylori which leads to the formation of sores on the stomach’s lining which is the reason for nausea, bloating and also some serve stomach pain. This bacteria is also responsible for many gastric Ulcers which actually can be cured by Manuka honey because this has been in practice for the past 5 years. Manuka honey actually reduces the number of sores that cover the stomach’s lining, thereby reducing ulcer and pain. Some others have also consumed 1 tablespoon of Manuka honey everyday which led to reduction in stomach pain. Therefore, Manuka honey is a best remedy for Gastric Ulcers, in the natural way.

Enhances Dental Health : 

Due to the circulation of cytokine production from Manuka honey products, many infections and diseases are treated and solved. Teeth are more prone to get affected easily as that’s where all the unhealthy food are first treated. However, your teeth has to be strong and free from any bacterial infection which why it is important to kill all the negative bacteria from your mouth, which is why you are asked to brush your teeth regularly. As Manuka honey has UMF 10+, it is said to have antibacterial activities which are very good at killing any kind of harmful bacteria, even if it’s oral. Some of the common oral bacteria are A. actinomycetemcomitans and P. gingivalis. These bacteria are all killed by the antibacterial elements present in Manuka honey. This also leads to reduced inflammation, reduction in plaque and also in gingivitis. All you have to do is to have one tablespoon of Manuka honey everyday. This everyday consumption of Manuka honey brings in stronger gums and not an affected teeth.

Sore Throats are Soothed : 

Manuka honey is a great remedy to get your sore throats fixed due to its antibacterial actions which kills bacteria in no time. Whenever your throat gets itchy/ whenever you catch cold you can use Manuka honey to cure it and restore your old throat back, the one without coughing. Manuka honey can also be treated as a natural cough suppressant.  Through another study, researchers have proved that Manuka honey UMF 15+ when consumed with the right diet tends to kill as many viruses as possible, leading to a healthy body. Even to cure sinusitis, Manuka honey was used and in a week’s time even the painful sinusitis have been tackled.

Helps One Get Good Sleep : 

We live in a busy world where not many gets time to have a peaceful sleep, nor do their mind provides that kind of a peaceful situation to sleep well which is why you should take Manuka honey whose natural sugar induces insulin into your blood. Once this happens, the tryptophan, which is an amino acid present in the brain will be able to enter the brain and be converted to niacin (essential Vitamin B). Once niacin is produced, it then creates serotonin which is a neurotransmitter which is required to produce melatonin that enables one to sleep. Now all you have to do is to drink one teaspoon of Manuka honey that comes under the grading system of MGO or UMF before you get ready to sleep. If you continuously do it, you will feel the difference.

Is Manuka Honey Safe for All Users All the Time?

Usually there is no harm in taking Manuka honey regularly but in case of serious health issues or for the following cases, you will have to consult a doctor in regards to the usage of Manuka honey.

  • If you are a diabetic patient you should definitely consult a doctor before consuming Manuka honey as it is a honey which naturally generates sugar. When this is consumed by a diabetics patient then their sugar levels will increase and sometimes fluctuate which is why a regular check on your blood sugar levels is necessary.
  • If you are allergic to bees or honey allergens or bee pollens then consult a doctor. How do you know if you are allergic to honey? When you have watery eyes, rashes, runny nose and an itchy hive then, you are 100% allergic to honey.
  • Strictly avoid giving Manuka honey to kids below one year of age. Infants are not ready to consume honey therefore, wait till they grow up. If in case an infant is given honey then it will lead to botulism.

In short, the one with diabetics, and those who are allergic to honey or bees or bee pollen and kids below 12 months are not supposed to drink Manuka honey. Others except these categories of people can enjoy the taste of Manuka honey whenever they wish.

Overall Synopsis :

Manuka honey has around 8 health benefits starting from curing infections, scars, boils and burns, to reducing the growth of tumour, Manuka honey has worked its way out. It is also used for solving dental issues and are consumed to have stringer gums. Even to curb digestive problems like Gastric Ulcer and others, Manuka honey is a great solution that will reduce pain and slowly the total Ulcer itself. Manuka honey can also reduce inflammory levels and IBS through its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Even throat infections can be solved with the help of Manuka honey. Immune systems tend to grow stronger with rich vitamins, minerals and nutrients transferred from Manuka honey to your body. It is also to be noted that even when the highly advanced pharmaceuticals fail to cure many infections and diseases, the consumption of Manuka honey, which is natural and organic has solved many health issues without much stain. UMF and MGO certified Manuka honey are easily available in the market, so go grab the one you need and use wisely.

We hope this information was relevant to you and did enlighten you about the 8 major health benefits offered by Manuka honey. Maybe you should hurry up and include Manuka honey in your diet now.