Best Manuka Honey Review for your Heath | Buying Guide 2020

“Sweet is the pill for happiness”

What is life without sweets? And that too without honey? Honey is one of the best sweet syrup that can uplift your level of happiness. Organic honey unlike the other honeys that are sold in the market proves to be beneficial to one’s health due to the absence of chemicals and other vulnerable and dangerous collection methods. Therefore, organic honey is the best solution and is the best treat you can give it to yourself.

Manuka Honey Organic, is a firm that deals with organic honey in the best and transparent way and has been in this industry for quite so long through to its effective and efficient functioning and supplies. Apart from this, Manuka Honey is the name that one will remember when they want to buy some “Superfoods”. Best quality products will always be Manuka Honey’s trademark.

Here are some unique features about these Manuka Organic Honeys :

  • The term Organic explains how the Manuka Honey products are all free from any kind of bacterial or inflammatory qualities.
  • Manuka’s honey is termed as the best honey due to the presence of rich nutrition which acts as a great source of energy which in turn helps one to enhance their immune systems, healing process and their issues related to IBS and IBD (digestive issues).
  • ‘Medical grade’ is the term used to describe the top-most quality product, produced by Manuka Honey or the best Manuka Honey product.
  • ‘Unique Manuka Factor’ is the key factor that helps in the establishment of the best Hanuka Honey products.
  • The difference between other honeys and Manuka honey products is the ability of Manuka Honey products’ capacity to contain more potency or the potency equal to five times of that of other ordinary honey.
  • The best Manuka Honey can be known only after one reads through the reviews or through the reviews given by its users as each product of Manuka Honey varies in its proportion and benefits.

 Its success stories can also be understood through the reviews they get and the ones they offer. The best reviews for all Manuka products are listed in this website, therefore, sit back and go through the best of reviews and choose the best Manuka product that you wish to buy.

Why Review the Product Here?

Manuka Honey is known for its best honey supplies and that too trough organic procedures. However, Manuka Honey are supplied with slight variations in order to meet various issues or specifications which is why it is evident to go through the review list to know which product is the best one for you or which Manuka Honey will satisfy your needs and wants in the best way possible.

  • Use this website to go through the best reviews for the best Manuka Honey products as each and every information about the product is mentioned here.
  • Reviews can mostly be fake which is why you should be even more careful while choosing the website to read reviews. This website is an authenticated website and is also an up-to-date one as the reviews are edited according to the reviews given by regular or real-time users of the products.
  • Even the products that fall into the category of ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’ are also reviewed here along with the fact whether the product is UMF and MGO certified or not.
  • If you ever want to buy the best honey from the best Manuka Honey brand then use this website to get the right reviews.
  • Apart from the basic reviews, this website is also a platform that opens up about various technical, clinical and other aspects related to Manuka Honey. Starting from the honey making process at Manuka Honey till the procedure involved in consuming these Manuka Honey products are all well-defined here.
  • This place is not only a review forum but is also a place to buy things. Therefore, choose your favourite honey and buy the best Manuka honey.
  • Providing the right information at the right time is our ultimate goal that we seek to fulfil at the best of interests.

Manuka Honey - An Intro :

If in case you are wondering about the company and its history, don’t worry. Here’s a gist of what and how Manuka Honey came into existence. The term ‘Manuka’ was borrowed from a name of a tree which is called as the ‘Manuka Tree’. The best Manuka Honey was first produced in New Zealand. Honey was extracted from the Manuka Tree’s nectars. However, until 1990, Manuka Honey was only treated as an ordinary food product but after 1990, when the scientists submitted a discovery about the presence of various medicinal uses present in Manuka Honey. This is also an important factor for claiming that Manuka’s organic honey is the best honey.

Apart from the medicinal uses like solving or treating issues related to diabetes, cancer, wounds, digestion and sore throats, that Manuka honey provides, it is also known for its efficient functioning that deals with how Manuka, the firm has established a ‘Grading system’. This grading system will provide various grades like UMF, KFactor and MGO in order to differentiate the quality of Manuka honey.

Here are a few medicinal benefits of consuming the best Manuka honey :

  • Manuka honey is nothing but an extraction of nectar from the Manuka tree which makes it prone to contain an element called ‘leptosperin’ which refers to Manuka bush’s nectar.
  • Apart from the nectar, Manuka honey also contains another important medicinal element called the ‘methylglyoxal’, which is actually an antibacterial component that can be used to prevent ‘hydrogen peroxide’ form its formation.
  • Even one of the types of Omega-3 fatty acid called ‘DHA’ is present in the honeys supplied by Manuka.
  • Due to the presence of these 3 major components, the honeys of Manuka are treated as natural ‘anti-septic’ components which can be used to get ones wounds and burns and scars cleaned.
  • Manuka honey is termed as the best honey due to its ability to kill E.coil, S. aureus and also the P. aeruginosa which will prevent the development of any biofilms. 

All of these are explained and proved by the Medical research centres which makes these information more authentic and the Manuka honey as the best honey for the world.

Quick Review List - Manuka Honey :

Here is a list of the top and first best 6 Manuka honey suppliers in 2020 (Editor’s choice):

1. Kiva Manuka's Honey : 

Kiva Manuka Honey
  • Kiva’s Manuka honey are available in 2 different types: i) in 8.8 oz (250g) jars, ii) 28 packets put in a single box (5g each).
  • Its features deals with the 3 different types of UMF offered by Kiva in its Manuka honey (10, 15 and 20+).

Kiva is the best of all Manuka Honey suppliers as its carried out in a very organic manner, holds a UMF grading class category label and most importantly it holds 5 out of 5 rating stars which makes it the best honey supplier among the consumers as well. Kiva supplies the best Manuka honey which is extracted in its raw form from the New Zealand bee farms, in the most organic and natural way possible and does prove to be a NON-GMO product. Its health benefits includes treatment of gastric ulcers, respiratory problems like acute tonsillitis and bronchitis and also severe acid refluxes. Kiva’s Manuka honey can also be used as a cosmetic element by using it to remove your facial scars, abrasions and other issues damaging your beauty. Kiva, in short is the best of Manuka honey suppliers and it still remains the same way, unmatched and widely appreciated. One can try Kiva’s best Manuka honey and get the best health benefits unlike other honeys.

For a detailed review click ‘Kiva UMF’ and get to know more about Kiva and its Manuka honey.

2. Comvita Manuka's Honey :  

Comvita manuka honey
  • Comvita’s Manuka honey are available in 3 different types: i) in 8.8 oz (250g) jars , ii) in 17.6 oz (500g) jars and also iii) in 35.3 oz (I kg) jars.
  • Its features deals with the 4 different types of UMF offered by Comvita in its Manuka honey (5, 10, 15 and 20+).

It’s organic and has received full ratings which makes it the best Manuka honey. This makes Comvita, a premium honey brand the next best honey supplier that supplies the best Manuka honey. Comvita Manuka honey is a treat for many as it is UMF certified and is also certified as Halal, non-GMO and Kosher. These honeys are also used in various hospitals for their medicinal values to cure wounds and their UMF20+, which is a medical grade. Comvita, through its well-established network among various beekeepers and has also been researching well about bees which makes it evident that they create one of the best Manuka honeys in the world. Within 4 decades of establishment, Comvita has around 40,000 beehives under them. Comvita has also been serving its people not only by supplying the best organic Manuka honey but by a program called the ‘Trees and Bees Program’ that speaks about growth in a sustainable manner. However, it is prominent that the Manuka honey certified and supplied by Comvita is widely loved and used all over the world.

For a detailed review click ‘Comvita UMF’ and get to know more about Comvita and its Manuka honey.

3. Manukora Manuka's Honey

Manukora Manuka's Honey
  • Manukora’s Manuka honey are available in 2 different types: i) in 8.8 oz (250g) jars, ii) 16.7 oz (500g) jars.
  • Its features deals with the 3 different types of UMF offered by Manukora in its Manuka honey (10, 15 and 20+). This is equal to MGO 825+.

It deals with a delicious and a high grade UMF Manuka Honey. However, its rating comes around 4.5/5 which does not match the first 2 types but is however one of the best Manuka honeys. A special feature about this Manuka honey is the fact about how Manukora, tracks and verifies all of its products through an established blockchain technology. Manukora, being a food company supplies Manuka honey in 3 different UMF grading just in order to satisfy different spheres of customers. The UMF grading vary from 5, 10, 15 and 20. However, UMF 20+ ensures zero non-peroxide activities and also makes the product medically useful which is prominent to all the Manuka honeys and is also very much welcomed by those who use Manuka honey for the first time due to its ability to function as the best antibiotic against blepharitis, IBS/SIBO, and also staph infections. Maukora is an authentic supplier as it’s an active member in the UMFHA which brings in standards and best quality products automatically. Though the price for Manukora’s Manuka honey is not the cheapest in the market, it is still the best Manuka honey that one can use. The quality of the Manuka honey given by Manukora can be understood by its thick consistency and the dark shade present it in along with a little bit of crystallization. On the whole, Manukora’s Manuka honey is safe and delicious for both humans and animals. That’s how safe and delicious it is.

For a detailed review click ‘Manukora UMF’ and get to know more about Manukora and its Manuka honey.

4. Manuka Health's Manuka Honey

Manuka Health's Manuka Honey
  • Manuka Health’s Manuka honey are available in 2 different types: i) in 8.8 oz (250g) jars, ii) 17.06 oz (500g) jars.
  • Its features deals with the 2 different types of MGO starting from MGO 100+, MGO 550+ and MGO 825+. On some rarest occasions MGO can be 1000+ as well.

As its name suggests, it definitely is best for one’s health as it’s organic and holds a grading sign of MGO 550+. Its ratings as provided by the real-time customers rate up to 4/5. The grading system of Manuka Health deals with the term MGO and it does help one to note the ‘methylglyoxal’ levels in the honey. Manuka Health produces Manuka honey with MGO 550+ and also pays attention to the honey’s texture that is always smooth and also a taste that invites everyone to consume it. Manuka Health’s Manuka honey can be used to treat any kind of bacterial infections, throat related infections and MRSA because of the presence of 550mg for each methylglyoxal that amounts to 1kg. Manuka health is maintaining its standard and quality by running regular checks on each and every Manuka honey of theirs. Through this regular check, a high amount of MGO content in the Manuka honey is also ensured. If you want to have a nutritional yet a delicious honey, then go for Manuka Health’s Manuka honey.

For a detailed review click ‘Manuka Health MGO’ and get to know more about Manuka Health and its Manuka honey.

5. Happy Valley's Manuka Honey

Happy Valley's Manuka Honey
  • Happy Valley’s Manuka honey are available in 2 different types: i) in 8.8 oz (250g) jars, ii) 17.06 oz (500g) jars.
  • Its features deals with the 4 different types of UMF and they are: 5, 10, 15 and 20+. All of this is equal to MGO 829+.

It falls into the category of UMF grading group and is purely organic which holds 3.5 rating stars out of 5. Happy Valley’s Manuka honey is also called as the ‘affordable UMF Manuka Honey’ which is sold in the market as the rate of each of its honey is affordable by many and the benefits received are also beneficial to many. Happy Player has been and is still producing Manuka honey with UMF starting from 5-20+ which makes it a suitable solution for treating staph infections and other periodontal diseases. Similar to that of Manukora’s Manuka honey even Happy Valley is a part of the UMFHA standards group which makes it a reliable supplier of the best quality Manuka honey. Happy Valley also has other products relates to skincare which might interest you as well.

For a detailed review click ‘Happy Valley UMF’ and get to know more about Happy Valley and its Manuka honey.

6. Wedderspoon's Manuka Honey

Wedderspoon's Manuka Honey
  • Wedderspoon’s Manuka honey are available in 4 different types: i) in 8.8 oz (250g) jars , ii) 17.06 oz (500g) jars, iii) 11.5 oz (325g) jars and travel packs of 5g.
  • Its features deals with the 2 different types of KFactor and they are: 12 and 16.

Compared to the other 5 Manuka honeys, this honey is quite less when it comes to ratings as it holds only 3 stars out of 5 yet is still one of the best Manuka honeys due to the presence of various benefits in it. It is purely organic and does fall under the grading category of ‘KFactor’ that includes variations like KFactor 12 (multifloral) and KFactor 16 (monofloral) which levels up the MPI regulations of Manuka honey set by the New Zealand government. Due to its different grading category this Manuka honey is termed as the unique one. Another exciting feature about Wedderspoon’s Manuka honey is the fact the all of its honey are extracted purely and entirely from the Manuka tree / leptospermum scoparium plant. It’s a honey that is free from any kind of pasteurisation, pesticides, harmful chemicals, glyphosate and antibiotics as it is delivered to the consumers right after its extraction from the farm. It is also a non-GMO product which makes it even healthier. However, the review for this product is still mixed as it gets some of the best positive reviews and at the same time a few negative comments as well. Few reviews state the medicinal values of Wedderspoon’s Manuka honey which has helped a lot of people to cure their thyroid with shrinking cancer cells and also a release from those who have been suffering from ulcerated oesophagus and GERD. If you want to have a honey that can cure diseases and wounds and still be affordable then Wedderspoon’s Manuka honey is the best solution.

For a detailed review click ‘Wedderspoon KFactor’ and get to know more about Wedderspoon and its Manuka honey.


1. What is the Best Manuka Honey?

The best Manuka honey produced by Kiva is the best Manuka honey as it all the health benefits along with the best customer reviews too. Make sure the Manuka honey that you buy is organic and has certification, ratings, health benefits and other required materials.

2. What is the Best Brand of Manuka Honey?

Kiva Manuka honey is the best Manuka honey due to its 5 star rating given by real-time customers and also for its proper production methods which ensures that the honey is raw, fresh and useful.

3. Which Manuka Honey is the Best?

Manuka honey’s produced by both Kiva and Comvita are the best Manuka honeys so far. They stand in the top 2 positions due to their production and product quality. In fact, Comvita is actually a vegan dish which encourages even vegetarians to have tasty Manuka honey. Its taste is also creamy. Therefore, Kiva’s and Comvita’s Manuka honey are the best in the market.

4. Which is the Best Manuka Honey to Buy?

The Manuka honey which has a MGO or USF certification is required. Even a KFactor Manuka honey can be bought as only these certified products will have the right minerals, vitamins and antibacterial properties which will fight against any infection.

5. How to Choose the Best Manuka Honey Brand?

Look for its certification. Then go through the brand’s history, origin and their scale of growth. If the brand has been successful in producing the best Manuka honey then there you go, you can very well buy their honeys but if they haven’t it is better to ignore it. Look for the features and benefits offered by Manuka honey and the other products they sell along with this. After getting the raw information, sit and analyse and choose the one that meets your needs. If you are still confused then filter those brand that meets your interests and look for ratings. Choose the one that has more ratings.

6. Which Manuka Honey Brand is Good For Skin?

Kiva’s Manuka honey is best for your skin as it helps you to tackle dark circles, scars, dark spots and other related issues that hinders your facial beauty. Even Comvita’s Manuka honey is also a reliable source to get your skin clear and shining.

7. Which Manuka Honey Brand Can be Used For Ache?

Any of the Manuka honey brand can be chosen for this as all Manuka honey products have the ability to fight against inflammatory substances. Therefore, to curb Ache, be it in any part of your body, any brand’s Manuka honey can be used.

8. Which Grade of Manuka Honey is the Best?

MGO or UMF grades are better than KFactor as MGO and UMF are inter-related and are associated with 2 different big associations in which all the big Manuka honey producers are part of. In fact the UMF grades depends on the level of MGO present in Manuka honey.

9. What Are The Uses of Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey can be used for eliminating the flavour of your favourite dishes or it can be used to enhance your health from various infections and bacteria. Even cancer and other illness like bronchitis can all be reduced and cured. One can also improve their ability to sleep with the help of Manuka honey.

10. Who, When and How Can One Eat Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is not suitable for those with diabetics, allergy to bees and its related aspects and to kids below 12 months of age. Manuka honey should either be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning or before going to bed. It is mandatory to note that manual honey should be served only with wooden spoon and not metal ones as metal spoons reduce the honey’s capacity to cure infections.